The best payment solution for emerging industries

Reach emerging markets on high risk industries with Remik. We offer a wide range of online payment options to pay in local currencies for almost all type of industries.


Accept Payments

We have plenty of possibilities to pay in local and international currencies, such as Credit Cards, Online banking, PIX and cryptocurrencies. We have the payments your customers need.


Real-time, automatic and instant

No matter where your customers are, or what industry you work in, we have plenty of solutions for you.


Fiat to crypto on & off-ramp

All major chains supported. With Mlick enable global off-ramping of stablecoins vie its partners network of local bank transfers.

Crypto with Remik
Crypto with Remik

What do they say?

We use Remik and it allowed us to reach new geos and demographics that with our crypto solutions we couldn't have reached.

- Daniela Richardson

We are an international website and had problems before finding PSPs in emerging markets. With Remik we are able to accept payments from customers from markets were we couldn't before.

- Danny Lores


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